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Hello from the members of the Young Enterprise Team.


Healthy Food For Thought is a company that concentrates on promoting a healthy lifestyle. In our book “What Do I Have To Do To Lose That?” we provide information on exercise and alternative ingredients for common meals. The book also includes a diary to allow the readers to record and keep track of their success.

The book can be viewed almost as an alternative to regular fitness books that are often serious and unnecessarily lengthy. We have created a pocket sized book that can be conveniently carried around. The book doesn’t over complicate the information, making it more appealing to everyone. It doesn’t promote any type of dieting, but instead simply provides information on how to lose the calories you gain from your meals. It also includes fun facts and interesting information just to highlight that a healthy lifestyle can be positive and enjoyable.

The company name - Healthy Food For Thought summarises our aims in four simple words. Health is placed first, being our top priority and the use of the expression ‘food for thought’ shows that it is within us and our mind-set to change how we live and all it takes is some ‘food’ to fuel thoughts that allow us to improve.

Currently the company is working on finishing everything in regards of the book. We aim to soon launch a website, as well as social media profiles to provide extra information about the book. We hope to see all of you reading it in the future!