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Sixth Form

Paget High School Sixth Form is a real community where students further develop the Paget School ethos of Be Proud, Aim High, Work Hard. We consider our Sixth Form an integral part of the school, at Paget High School it is a 7 year journey and we are here to continue to support you post. 

We are an open Sixth Form: entry is not only on academic prowess, but on attitude to learning, attendance and pride in the school and community.

We encourage the development of skills such as team building, effort, responsibility, healthy competition and leadership. Our students achieve their best because of the range of experiences that we provide in an environment that is positive, supportive and forward-thinking.

All students who choose to apply to university will be fully supported through the UCAS process.  Job Club workshops are provided to enhance the employ-ability prospects of those who don’t want to continue their education after Sixth Form, including an in-depth look at apprenticeship opportunities.

Meet the Sixth Form Team

Mrs Butcher, Ms Stanton, Mrs Jordan-Turner & Mrs Hussain

Programmes of Study Post 16

We offer a variety of course and subjects to cater for the needs and prior achievement of our pupils. These include:-

  • A Levels and Vocational Level 3 courses in a total of seventeen subjects.
  • Level 2 courses in Business Studies with IT and Health and Social Care.
  • GCSE English and Mathematics.

Students follow a learning programme that meets their needs, interests and abilities. The plan is agreed with a personal tutor and monitored throughout the Sixth Form.


Our Sixth Form is not just about academic qualifications. We offer pupils a wide range of enrichment opportunities. These include accredited courses such as BTEC Driver, Drama, Speech and Communications, as well Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh and Falconry. All pupils participate in a Personal Development Programme and have the opportunity to experience work placements and work with those in the lower years. Students are encouraged to become increasingly independent and to develop the personal skills they will need for further study, employment and life.

For students that meet the eligibility criteria, we operate the government’s 16-19 bursary scheme and applications are considered throughout a student’s time in Sixth Form. Students can make use of this to purchase a vast range of educational resources including text books, visits and laptops.

We have great Sixth Form facilities including a common room and our own private, fully equipped study room. We also have a designated Sixth Form Learning Mentor to support learning where it is required. We have extremely high expectations of all students in our Sixth Form and reward those that meet these.

Sixth Form Prefect Team

The Paget Senior Prefect Team are a body of Year 13 students dedicated to supporting fellow students and teachers alike. Heavily involved in open days and award ceremonies, supporting staff on break and lunch duties, the prefects continually play a large role around the School as respected members of our community. Should any students seek advice or support, they can ask any member of the prefect team, all of whom can be found wearing red lanyards. Even with the workload of A-levels, they are always happy to help.

Sixth Form Admissions


Admission to our Sixth Form is as follows;

LEVEL 3: For students wanting to study Advanced Subjects: 

You need to achieve 5 separate, strong GCSE passes at grade 5/C or above including English. You will need Mathematics at grade 5 or above to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology or Business at A Level. (A standard pass at grade 4 for English & Mathematics will be looked at on an individual basis.)

Students who do not meet the above requirement will be asked to follow a Level 2 course.

LEVEL 2:    Suitable for students who achieve fewer than 5 strong GCSE passes.


Sixth Form Dress Code

Following consultation with the Sixth Form committee a dress code has been set out and must be adhered to at all times whilst on the school site:

  • Students are not required to wear a formal uniform,
  • Students in the Sixth Form are role models and are expected to wear business wear,
  • Students studying practical subjects need to be aware of further health and safety requirements applicable to that subject, for example, suitable footwear for a science lab.

The following is not permitted:

  • Clothing with slogans which may be regarded as offensive, aggressive or out of place in a school context,
  • Clothing that is revealing such as low cut or crop tops, very short skirts or shorts,
  • Flip flops.
  • Extreme hair colours,
  • Facial piercings, nose studs that are discrete are acceptable.

If, in the judgement of the Sixth Form staff, your clothing is inappropriate you will be asked to make appropriate changes.

Please consider that this is a place for work in which you will be meeting students and people at all levels and with a variety of attitudes, as a Sixth Former you will also be representing our Sixth Form  and School in the community.

Use of personal vehicles on the school site

A number of Sixth Form students will pass their driving test during their Sixth Form years. Please note that driving lessons must not be arranged during school time. Students may however arrange a lesson prior to a test.  Students should notify their form tutor when they have a test in school time. Using a vehicle on the school site is a privilege and comes with the following responsibilities

  1. Sixth Form Students who wish to drive to and from school should apply for permission from the Head of the Sixth Form through the online application form. Such permission is ultimately at their discretion and should generally be sought only if other suitable forms of transport are unavailable. We encourage students to use public transport whenever possible and to walk to the school if they live nearby.
  2. Any student driving to school must possess a current full driving licence. His/her parents must confirm that the vehicle authorised for use is fully taxed, fully insured against all risks, and has a current MOT certificate (where needed). Passenger lifts should only be given if there is full passenger liability insurance, and drivers must not carry passengers under 18 without first having obtained the permission of the passengers’ parents.
  3. Cars should be parked in the overflow carpark adjacent to the Sixth Form Block all times. This is necessary to avoid congestion, parking problems and for pedestrian safety. When the application form has been approved by the Head of Sixth Form, it should be taken to Mrs Jordan-Turner who will issue a Parking Permit for the car park. This must be displayed while the car is on the school site.
  4. Those students who are learning to drive should not drive on to the school site, even whilst under the supervision of an instructor.
  5. Sixth Formers are reminded of the importance of safe driving. The provisions of the Highway Code must be respected at all times, as must all legal and other provisions affecting drivers and passengers. No-one else’s car is to be manhandled or interfered with in any way. It is specifically forbidden for any Sixth Former to drive another student’s vehicle.

Any Sixth Former who ignores or breaks the rules is liable to have permission to drive to school withdrawn.