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Sixth Form


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Our Sixth Form is an integral part of the school and a natural extension to study from Year 11. Our Post 16 Education programme will enable young people to prepare for their future, whether that be to enter the ‘world of work’ or to continue in Higher Education.

All students who choose to apply to university will be fully supported through the UCAS process. We offer a weekly Job Club to enhance employability prospects of those who don’t want to continue their education after Sixth Form, including an in-depth look at apprenticeship opportunities.

Our Sixth Form is not just about academic qualifications. We offer students a wide range of enrichment opportunities. These include accredited courses such as First Aid and Sports Leadership. All students participate in a Personal Development Programme and have the chance to experience work placements and work with those in the lower years. Students are encouraged to become increasingly independent and to develop the personal skills they will need for further study, employment and life.

For students that meet the eligibility criteria, we operate the government’s 16-19 bursary scheme and applications are considered throughout a student’s time in Sixth Form. Students can make use of this to purchase a vast range of educational resources including text books, visits and laptops.

We have great Sixth Form facilities including a common room and our own private, fully equipped study room. We also have a designated Sixth Form Learning Mentor to support learning where it is required. We have extremely high expectations of all students in our Sixth Form and reward those that meet these.


Sixth Form Prefect Team
The Paget Senior Prefect Team are a body of Year 13 students dedicated to supporting fellow students and teachers alike. Heavily involved in open days and award ceremonies, supporting staff on break and lunch duties, the prefects continually play a large role around the School as respected members of our community. Should any students seek advice or support, they can ask any member of the prefect team, all of whom can be found wearing red lanyards. Even with the workload of A-levels, they are always happy to help.


Sixth Form Admissions
Admission to our Sixth Form is as follows;

LEVEL 3: For students wanting to study Advanced Subjects: 

You need to achieve 5 separate, strong GCSE passes at grade 5/C or above including English. You will need Mathematics at grade 5 or above to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology or Business at A Level. (A standard pass at grade 4 for English & Mathematics will be looked at on an individual basis.)

Students who do not meet the above requirement will be asked to follow a Level 2 course.

LEVEL 2:    Suitable for students who achieve fewer than 5 strong GCSE passes.



Please click here to download the Complete Guide to A-Level Revision booklet.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Please click below to view the letter regarding changes to the Sixth Form dress code starting September 2017.