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Student Management Team

Meet our Student Management Team...


Turning your ideas into actions!

We believe it is important for all our students to have a role in making improvements and changes.

The Student Management Team (SMT) consists of students from each year group that are able to apply at the start of each school year. As a team, we hold regular meetings to discuss issues and take action.

The SMT are the face of the school and are therefore asked to show visitors around school, help with
staff interviews, provide feedback to the Senior Leadership Team, and assist in Parents’/Carers’ Consultations and Progress Evenings.

We are also responsible for organising many events around school. Members of the SMT are given lots of opportunities to manage and contribute towards activities for Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Sport Relief and other key dates throughout the year. This involves coming up with ideas, planning, publicising and carrying out the events.

Our main projects have been:

• Bidding to the youth bank in order to obtain money to set up a mobile ice rink for the benefit of the whole community.

• Promoting what we do by making a professional DVD with help of the Staffordshire Youth Service.

• Arranging activities for local young children to take part in at the annual Community Fair. 

• Liaising with the school canteen to taste test new menu items and give feedback.

• Delivering produce from the Paget Orchard to local residents in appreciation of the support given to the school.