Aspire to be more...

Growth Mindset

Education weaves a moral thread through the tapestry of vitally important aspects of our student’s private, social and economic lives. Part of the educational enterprise is to create the kind of society that reflects and sustains what we believe to be good human relationships. For most of us that means a society in which there is a profound dimension of equity and justice, not least for children.

At Paget High School, we believe that ability is not fixed and that with hard work and a positive attitude towards learning, good progress will be made. We subscribe to the theories of Dr Carol Dweck and have started to embed her ideas into our school ethos. We believe that with hard work and effort anything is possible.

With a growth mindset students understand their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence.” C. Dweck

We want our students to value effort, embrace challenge, respond to feedback and view their mistakes as the first step in learning. We want them to have high aspirations for themselves and believe that their goals are attainable. We believe that this mindset will help students to achieve whilst at Paget, but also in their future lives.

In a nutshell we want out students to Aspire to be more...

At Paget High School, key elements of our Growth Mindset ethos focus on the main word A S P I R E.


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