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Cashless Catering


Paget operates a ‘cashless’ catering system whereby parents and carers can pay for their child’s dinner in advance via an online system or top up card. This takes away the need for bringing money into school and speeds up service in the canteen. 
The ‘cashless’ catering system is gradually developing further, allowing parents to pay for educational visits, etc. online; detailing when money was paid and the outstanding balance remaining.

Students who have registered with the Dining Hall also have the option of paying for their lunch and/or break time snacks with cash. We have installed a machine within the school’s Dining Hall which will allow them to ‘top up’ their own individual accounts using cash.

If your child receives free school meals he/she will benefit from the ‘cashless’ catering system in the same way.
Please click on the Parent Pay logo above to access their website.