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Achievements and Results


It should be noted that these headlines are provisional and DO NOT take into account any remarks or students who may be excluded from national data. Although our own figures indicate a significantly improved progress 8 figure we cannot confirm this value until the national dataset averages have been applied to the national data set.

2018 has proven to be a watershed year for our results. Attainment in nearly all areas has significantly improved; most notably in Maths (9% increase in standard GCSE to 65%) and Science (20% increase in standard GCSE). English also maintained its major improvement from 2017 and as a result we have a 6% increase from 2017 in our standard English and Maths outcomes. Our attainment 8 score has jumped from 36 points to 41 points , nearly a full grade. Until the government calculates the official Progress 8 score we cannot confirm what this will be but with attainment increasing so markedly it will inevitably improve on our 2017 score.

Other subjects worth mentioning are: RE who attained a remarkable 61% level 4 and above and 53% level 5 and above in its first year of examination. All year 11s took this exam. ICT also hit an impressive 85% Pass+ rate with all Health and Social Care hard on it’s heals with 88% Pass +.

Our unique personal finance qualification also attained an impressive 97% A*-C.

What delights us even more is the impressive outcomes for our disadvantaged students who secured an attainment 8 score of 40 points an increase of 8 points on 32 points last year.

Our overall pass rate was 98%.

“Given that students generally enter the school with data lower than the national average and the GCSE bar has been raised we are justifiably proud to have added significant value to their outcomes this year. Our trajectory is clearly upwards in a more challenging environment and the newly constituted governing body and new leadership are confident that outcomes will improve even further as newly introduced protocols, systems and strategies begin to take even greater root. Outcomes are critical but educating holistically remains our core purpose.– IAN BRIERLY (Headteacher)


These students performed particularly well :


Arpad Kiss

Highest banding in nine subjects with seven 9 grades (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Maths, Physics, RE) in addition Arpad attained an A* in Sociology and Additional Maths as well as an A in Business Studies.

Charlotte Wood

Highest banding in eight subjects with seven 9 grades  (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Maths, Physics, RE) and an A in Additional Maths

Adam Doughty

Highest banding in eight subjects with four 9 grades (Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics) and a Distinction star in Sports Science and an A* in additional Maths

Matthew Baxter

Highest banding in seven subjects with two 9 gradings (Maths, Physics) and an A in Additional Maths

Amy Kersey

Highest banding in eight subjects with two 9 grades (Geography and Physics)

Georga Chilton

Highest banding in seven subjects with a 9 in History

Between them these students attained twenty-three 9 grades ; a real credit to the school, their parents and their year group.



Overall our academic students attained an average of a C grade and vocational students averaged a Merit+

22% of all grades were A*-B or equivalent.

55% of all grades were A*-C or equivalent.



Alisha Shafatt

A* (Sociology) , A (Eng Lit), A (Psychology)

Charlotte Jones

A (Maths), A (Further Maths), B (Biology), B (Chemistry)

Charlotte Nash

A* (Sociology) , A (Maths), C (Eng Lit)

Tauseefa Ali

A* (Sociology) , B (Eng Lit), B (Psychology)

Henna Hussain

Distinction (Health & social care), Merit (Business)

Naazish Munir

Distinction (Health & social care), Merit (Business)

Our sixth form prides itself on being ‘small enough to care but big enough to matter’ and continues to offer a full range of qualifications for ALL levels of ability. All A-level students successfully secured a university place.