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About Us

Commitment and Vision: 

Our commitment and vision is for: Students to experience an inclusive and caring school, striving in partnership with the community, to become resilient learners with high aspirations and levels of achievement. 
Paget High School is proud of being a school where all students, from a huge variety of backgrounds, make very good progress during their time with us.

All students are very well supported by highly committed teaching and support staff.

At Paget High School we pride ourselves on getting to know, and caring for, all of our students. This strong pastoral ethos is vital to the success of the school.

Our Sixth Form is extremely popular and most Year 11 students apply for the limited spaces available. We very much see Paget High School as a seven year journey for our students, providing good preparation for both university and wider society.

This is a school committed to the welfare and success of your child.
At Paget High School we aim to:

• Provide a structured environment within which individuals learn to manage their own learning.
• Provide high standards of personal care and support for all, with a particular focus on setting high expectations for behaviour, effort and progress.
• Provide for the improvement and growth of the whole student; preparing them for lifelong learning and recognising the individual aptitudes and talents in all.
• Be an integral part of the community and to establish close, constructive relationships with parents/carers and the wider community.
• Help students to understand and respect both themselves and others, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.
• Help students understand the society and world in which they live and develop respect for democracy and the rule of law.